Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney


If you've been injured on the job or developed a work-related health condition, you may have a case for workers' compensation. In New York, The Klein Law Group, P.C., fights for fair compensation for injured workers in New York. Our lawyers serve workers in New York City, New York County, Queens County, and the surrounding areas. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a workers compensation attorney, contact us today. Click to get more details workers compensation attorneys now.
Injuries incurred on the job can be considered work-related, regardless of whether it is caused by negligence or another external factor. An injured worker may feel a particular injury was work-related, even if the company's representative tries to blame the injury on another non-work-related cause. While the company's physician often states that the injury is not work-related, the injured worker's physician can provide a second opinion. After reviewing all available evidence, the Administrative Law Judge will make a ruling. If the judge isn't favorable, the worker may appeal the decision.
An experienced workers compensation attorney can help you receive the benefits you deserve after an accident on the job. He or she will communicate with the workers' compensation insurance company, gather evidence for your claim, negotiate a settlement, and represent you at a hearing. Insurance company attorneys aren't in your corner, so hiring an attorney is a smart move. While they may not be on your side, they can help you win benefits by showing your employer's history of poor workplace safety, lack of training, or other factors that contributed to the injury.
An experienced workers' compensation attorney can help victims navigate the claims process and communicate with medical personnel. They can also help you fill out the paperwork and explain the legal processes involved. A worker's compensation attorney can also help injured employees settle their cases when the insurance adjuster refuses to settle their cases. An attorney's goal is to get the best compensation for the injured employee while protecting his or her interests at the same time. They can help victims of work injuries and their families through the complicated appeals process.
When workers are injured on the job, they hope their employer will have their back. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. The workers compensation system in New York State is complicated and requires extensive knowledge. With over 300 pages of medical guidelines and complicated filing requirements, a worker may be faced with an uphill battle to receive proper payment and medical care. If you hire a workers compensation attorney, you'll avoid the headache of having to navigate the bureaucracy alone. Get more info about this here!
When filing a claim for workers' compensation, there are specific deadlines that must be met. For instance, the injured worker must file Form C-3 with the Workers' Compensation Board within two years from the date of the accident or discovery of their illness or injury. After this, the employer must submit an employer report within ten days to the Workers' Compensation Board. If the employee does not file the claim within these time frames, it will be denied. Read more info related to this topic here:
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